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James C Webb Sr.

Derry New Hampshire


Here's a little bit about me...

My name is James C. Webb Sr.

I live on Independence Ave. in Derry. I have lived in Derry with my wife Maria for 13 years. I have three children that are all grown and have gone through the Derry school system.

I was elected to be a state representative in November 2010 and have been serving since , I have a 96% voting record only missing 3 days in the two years  I am also an elected member of the Derry Trustees of the Trust Funds with my current term running from March 2012 to March 2015.

I work full time at Anheuser-Busch in Merrimack NH as a Tech Planner in the Maintenance department. I also manage their equipment data base, SOP and (SAP) Preventive Maintenance Programs for the Brewing department.

I am a New Hampshire Justice of the Peace, I was commissioned, by then Governor Craig Benson on October 9, 2004. I have since renewed my commission and it was signed by Governor John Lynch on September 09, 2009.

During my first commission (5 year period) as a Justice of the Peace I have had the pleasure of performed over 600 wedding ceremonies.

I am also a commissioned Notary Public and I have a home-business for these two services called NHJP Services.

As a Notary and Justice of the Peace, I have enjoyed , meeting and befriending many people from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds , it truly has been a rewarding experience .

I  was a member of the Derry Zoning Board and voted into the position of sectary in April 2010. I joined the zoning board a number of years ago first as an alternate. This role was a great way to be involved with the town of Derry but, as an alternate, I was able to participate in the activities of the zoning board but could not vote unless a regular member stepped down or was absent.  I didn’t have to wait long before a regular position became available on the zoning board. I applied for the position and was accepted as a regular member of the board. It was great to be able to work with the other members of the zoning board and the residents of Derry to see people’s ideas come to life.

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Why I originally ram for office in 2010, and what I hope to accomplish!

 I am running for office because I see that spending is out of control, and issues that affect the way of life for people of NH are being ignored by our elected officials.

Our children can go and get medical procedures that could scar them for life without parental notification this is one of the first things the Democratic controlled legislators enacted when they took over. The courts already ruled the parents had the right to know what medical treatment there under age children were undergoing .

We need to get the retired legislators out of concord and get the working people in there , the people that pay tax, and fees . I have seen the cost of everything go up the last few years from registering your cars , plates , even Marriage licenses , this state is nickel and dime'ing its citizens at every turn . The simple solution is to roll back the clock to pre Lynch spending rates . Then the state would not have to nickel and dime its citizens.

This current legislator spent more time on gay marriage than they did the budget. "My Opinion" on Gay Marriage is it is between a man and a woman and anything else takes away from the sanctity of marriage . I am ok with Civil Unions and as far as the law goes there was absolutely no difference legally other than the word "Marriage" so why were the lobbyist able to get this pushed through and why would the legislators not allow a non binding referendum question on the ballot , because they know the People of this state would say no. Fifty Two towns did put it on the ballot and I believe fifty voted against it . so the people have spoken why wont the legislators listen after all we are the ones that put them in Concord to represent us. 

 I can only hope that my conservative views would help bring NH back to the people.

2010 - 2012 What we did Good\Bad legislation



If you have any questions , feel free to give me a call,  I would be happy to talk to you .

Please don't hesitate to call call me at 603-845-3454

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